PI Polynomial and Vertex PI Polynomialof Certain Special Molecular Graphs

Abstract:As the extension of PI index and vertex PI index, PI polynomial andvertex PIpolynomial aredistance-based topological polynomial which reflect certain structural features of organic molecules. In this paper, we determine thePI polynomial and vertex PI polynomialof fan molecular graph, wheel molecular graph, gear fan molecular graph, gear wheel molecular graph, and their r-corona molecular graphs.
Keywords:Chemical graph theory,PI polynomial,vertex PI polynomial,Fan molecular graph, Wheel molecular graph, Gear fan moleculargraph, Gear wheel moleculargraph, r-corona moleculargraph.

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About the Author

Yun Gao

Yun Gao1, Li Yan2, Wei Gao3

1Department of Editorial, Yunnan Normal University, Kunming 650092, China

2School of Engineer, Honghe University, Mengzi 661100, China

3School of Information Science and Technology, Yunnan Normal University, Kunming 650500, China

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