Abstract -- This paper is an innovative proposal for developing a new image signature based on Refined Histogram (RH) Model for supervised texture classification. It is an efficient and effective RH algorithm for modeling the wavelet sub band detail coefficients. In histogram modeling we make us of RH to utilize the step function with exponentially increasing intervals, and the concatenation of the RH model parameters for all wavelet sub band forms the so called RH signature, for the justification of RH we analyzed and reviewed statistical properties of the same histogram. These properties would justify the suitability of the image signature to characterize the wavelet sub band information. In this paper we present an efficient algorithm for RH signature based on the coefficient counting technique. This technique will be the indirect method to speed up the overall classification of system performance. We applied the new image signature to texture classification using the standard database. These results are summarized that the classification performance of RH is better than traditional methods.

Keywords -- Refined Histogram (RH). Multispectral Images, RH signature,Wavelet Transform.

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About the Author


Dr.M.Anto Bennet

Professor,Department of ECE, VELTECH, Chennai-600062

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