Regression Analysis with Identifiability Condition and Margin Function

Abstract --

Regression is an important problem in information retrieval and other applications.A good regression algorithm should have good generalization bound, which means the gap between the expected error and empirical error is not large. Among the existing regression algorithms, the regression with  -insensitive pinball loss is a special one. In this paper, we intend to study the generalization bound for the regression with special setting.

Keywords -- Regression, Pinball Loss,  -Insensitive Pinball Loss.

References --

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About the Author

Wei Gao

Wenfei Xi1

1School of Tourism and Geographic Sciences, Yunnan Normal University Kunming 650500, China

Wei Gao2

2School of Information, Yunnan Normal University, Kunming 650500, China

Lei Xia3

3School of Tourism and Geographic Sciences, Yunnan Normal University Kunming 650500, China

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