Performance &Analysis of Storage Node Deployment in Sensor Networks

Abstract -- Data storage has became very important issue in Sensor networks for future information retrieval. Data Storage is happens via the Forwarding nodes and Storage nodes.  Forwarding nodes are regular sensors and they always forward the data received by other nodes or generated by themselves along a path toward the sink. Storage nodes are much larger capacity than the regular sensors. They store all the data received by other nodes or generated by themselves. The sink itself considered as a storage node. Storage nodes are introduced in this paper to store collected date from the sensors in their proximities, It reduce the energy cost and communication cost induced by network query. Aim of the project is to deploy the storage nodes with fixed tree model and dynamic tree model. If any failure occurs in storage nodes can replace another storage node or back up those data’s to sink via storage node.

Keywords -- Wireless Sensor Networks, Data Storage, Forwarding Nodes, Storage Nodes, Data Query.

References --

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Wireless Sensor Networks, Data Storage, Forwarding Nodes, Storage Nodes, Data Query.

About the Author


 S.Sankaranarayanan &  Dr.M.Anto Bennet

 Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering,

 VELTECH,Avadi-Chennai-600062, Tamilnadu, India

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