Chords Suggestion Algorithm using Jusic Distance for Music Knowledgebase

Abstract -- Western music notations are artistically backed with Chords which is unique in its art-form. Chord formation is an intelligent kind that is learnt over the years by a musician to master it. Still it's an issue of creative thinking that brings the proper chord sequence that matches music score. This work focuses on the method of forming chords employing a custom-designed knowledgebase (KB) of Music professional System. associate best Chord-Set suggestion for a given music score is arrived by mistreatment the chord-pool within the kilobyte and therefore the finding the chord match mistreatment Jusic Distance (JD). The family chords and best chord set may be fashioned mistreatment the abstract Graph illustration for information storage and retrieval within the knowledgebase area unit the longer term works.

Indexing Terms/Keywords -- Knowledge; Music; Representation; Knowledgebase; Chord-Set.

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About the Author

Justus Selwyn

SCSE, VIT University, Chennai

Patil Rohit Ramesh
SCSE, VIT University, Chennai

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