Message Encryption Using Braille Representation

Abstract -

Message encryption as a binary string is in wide use due to its easy representation and comfort for coding purpose. Braille representation is not in frequent use for text encryption. In this paper we propose a method of text encryption as a binary string using Braille representation.

Indexing Terms/Keywords -

Binary; Braille; Encryption, Decryption.

Introduction -

Safe transmission of message is always a problem of interest. Many methods are proposed and some of them used also. Graph theory is now in use for message transmission. In [ 1 ] the regular PCBC method is improved using music notes and graph theory. In [ 2 ] a method of encrypting any message using Braille alphabets and graph domination was proposed. The only difficulty there is that the message should be send as graphs and not always comfortable. In this paper a new encryption method using Braille alphabets is proposed, where the message is encrypted as a binary sequence, which is more compatible for communication.


[1] M. Yamuna, A. Sankar, Siddarth Ravichandran, V. Harish, Encryption Using Music Notes and Graph Theory International Journal of Engineering and Technology, Volume 5, No 3 (2920 – 2925), June – July – 2013.          

[2] M. Yamuna, Khyati R. Vora, A. Ashwini, S. Elavarasi, Encryption Using Braille Alphabets and Graph Domination, The International Journal of Computer Science and  Applications, Volume 2, No6, August – 2013 (22– 42 ).




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About the Author

M. Yamuna

SAS, VIT University, Vellore, Tamilnadu, India

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