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Harvesting solar energy for electrical energy production is among the top problems that humanity will face over the next century. The breakthrough for solar energy technology implementation has/was affected by two issues: the conversion efficiency of light into electricity and solar panel production cost. The application of QD sensitized photo electrode with Nanowires as light harvesters helps to overcome these issues. Incorporating   quantum dots into Nanowire based photo electrochemical solar cells increases their incident-photon-to carrier conversion efficiencies (ICPE).However, the direct absorption and subsequent carrier generation by Nanowire increases the overall ICPE across the entire wavelengths where the dots do not absorbs light. The presence of QD fills the voids between interconnected NWs, enabling better carrier collection and transport.

Keywords --Quantum Dots(QDs),Nanowire, Photoelectrodes

References --

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Dr.S.Joseph Jawhar

Dr. S. Joseph Jawhar, Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Arunachala college of Engineering for Women, Vellichanthai, Nagercoil,Tamil Nadu, India-629203.Mob:+919443418553 Mail:

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