A Survey on Secure Authentication Systems

Abstract -- With the increasing popularity of smartphones, authentication plays a very important role. In any Industries contain records that are very sensitive and they want to protect from external world or hide from unauthorized user. So industry needs authentication system that can identify authorized user and that data accessible for only those users. So there are several authentication methods exist such as user name-password-based authentication, biometric authentication, smart card based authentications etc., this paper mainly presents on new authentication system using QR codes (Quick response code), which eliminate the weakness of password based authentication and bypass the risk generated from password authentication. This paper also presents various authentication systems and security comparison.

Keywords --

Authentication, Password, QR code, Smart Card,Unique Id,.

References --

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About the Author

Sumanth C M

Sumanth C M

Assistant Profrssor, RIT, Hassan

Assistant Profrssor, RIT, Hassan

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