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A Survey on Secure Authentication Systems


Abstract -- Harvesting solar energy for electrical energy production is among the top problems that humanity will face over the next century. The breakthrough for solar energy technology implementation has/was affected by two issues: the conversion efficiency of light int

Comparison of BPN and RBF Neural Networks for Prediction of Wind Speed

Abstract -- Prediction of an accurate wind speed of wind farms is necessary because of the intermittent nature of wind. Also, it can relieve or avoid the disadvantageous impact to the electric network. For the purpose, number of methods such as persistence, physical, statistical,

Survey on Secure Mining of Association Rule in Distributed Databases

Abstract -- Discovering frequent item sets is a needful amongest the most fields of data mining. Numerous current data mining tasks can be fulfilled effectively just in a distributed setting. The field of distributed data mining has consequently incre


Abstract -- The past decade has seen significant advancement in the field of consumer electronics. Various intelligent appliances such as cellular phones, home security, home theatres etc are set to realize the concept of a smart home. The concept of

Chords Suggestion Algorithm using Jusic Distance for Music Knowledgebase

Abstract -- Western music notations are artistically backed with Chords which is unique in its art-form. Chord formation is an intelligent kind that is learnt over the years by a musician to master it. Still it's an issue of creative thinking that bri

Performance &Analysis of Storage Node Deployment in Sensor Networks

Abstract -- Data storage has became very important issue in Sensor networks for future information retrieval. Data Storage is happens via the Forwarding nodes and Storage nodes.  Forwarding nodes are regular sensors and they always forward the da

Regression Analysis with Identifiability Condition and Margin Function

Abstract -- Regression is an important problem in information retrieval and other applications.A good regression algorithm should have good generalization bound, which means the gap between the expected error and e


Abstract -- This paper is an innovative proposal for developing a new image signature based on Refined Histogram (RH) Model for supervised texture classification. It is an efficient and effective RH algorithm for modeling the wavelet sub band detail coefficients. In histogram mod

Exploiting Witness to Simulate a Passenger Lift Call Strategy

Abstract -- This paper reports on a project that simulates the behaviour of a passenger lift in the Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) Law School building and aims to develop effective strategies so that the

Data Transfer Using Fundamental Circuits

Abstract -- In the recent years, with the increase of using internet and other new telecommunication technologies, cryptography has become a key area to research and improve in order to transfer data securely betwe

Encryption Using Fundamental Cut Sets

Abstract -- The data security is most important and its safety is an issue in current world. If encryption helps us to accomplish that, then we are definitely on board. Nearly every computing device we interact with on a daily basis utilizes

HTML Colurs in Data Encryption

Abstract - In developing modern society safety of data communication is always a question and various encryption methods are continuously developed and used. HTML colours and graph theory is not in wide use for encryption and decryption. In this paper we propose a method

Message Encryption Using Braille Representation

Abstract - Message encryption as a binary string is in wide use due to its easy representation and comfort for coding purpose. Braille representation is not in frequent use for text encryption. In this paper we pro


ABSTRACT                     Flip-flops are the major storage elements in all SOC’s of digital design. They accom
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